What is the impact of RTOs on your brand?


Operational Efficiency:

High RTO rates can strain your operations, leading to increased workload, processing time, and operational costs.


Financial Implications:

RTOs result in additional costs, such as return shipping, restocking, and potential refunds, which can eat into your profits.


Customer Satisfaction:

Frequent RTOs can frustrate customers, leading to dissatisfaction and potential loss of loyal clientele.


Inventory Blockage:

RTOs can disrupt inventory management, causing overstocking or stockouts, which affects your supply chain efficiency.


Brand Reputation:

High RTO rates can damage your brand's reputation, as customers may perceive your business as unreliable or inefficient.


Time and Resources:

Dealing with RTOs consumes valuable time and resources that could be better spent on business growth and improvement initiatives.

Order confirmation

Out for delivery

NDR Address confirmation

Branded Tracking page

Proven steps for effective RTO Management


Pro-active communications:

From order confirmation to out for delivery notifications, Refund notifications you can send all notifications via SMS, WhatsApp & Email.

Activate Order Notifications


Fraud Detection:

With our AI-powered fraud detection tool, you can categorize your orders based on their risk level.

Sync Your Orders


Confirm COD Orders before shipping:

Instantly verify and confirm COD orders, eliminating uncertainty with instant address verification.

Activate COD Order Verification


Request re-attempt on Tracking page:

In case an order is not delivered, buyers can request a re-attempt through Shipway's order tracking page.

Create Branded Tracking Page


Automated NDR Management solution:

Provide customers with the option to reschedule deliveries in cases of address errors or unavailability using customer-centric delivery choices.

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Benefits of Using RTO Suite

RTO Reduction

Customer Delight

Reduced WISMO tickets