Shipway’s NDR management solution

Automated NDR dashboard

A centralized platform that automatically collects and displays data related to undelivered shipments or communications.

Detailed NDR insights 

Get a complete and real-time view of all undelivered orders, along with the reason and attempts made.

Real time updates on actions 

Get real-time updates on the NDR reattempts and ensure seamless delivery performance.

Interactive buyer flow

Reduce RTO with decreased NDR. Activate NDR Follow-ups powered by WhatsApp

How it works?

Order not delivered in first attempt, due to

Order not delivered in first attempt, due to:

Consignee uncontactable

Consignee not available

Wrong address

Customer refused delivery

COD payment not ready

Customer requested future delivery

Handle undelivered orders in one place

Trigger re-attempt notification to customers

Update courier with customer respond

Detailed NDR Report

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5