Juicy Chemistry X Shipway Case Study

How Juicy Chemistry Created the Right Chemistry with Customers using Shipway Tracking & Notification?

“We didn’t choose to be curious. We were born this way.”

The above lines beautifully define the ideology of Pritesh and Megha Asher, the brilliant minds behind Juicy Chemistry. They kept questioning the use of chemicals in beauty and personal care products, and due to their undying curiosity, landed up launching Juicy Chemistry in 2014. Their brand has a range of 100% organic and natural care products. Soon they started receiving love from customers as, who doesn’t like to use natural products for pampering themselves?

But, with the popularity and bulk orders, they ended up losing customers also. And, here comes Shipway which helped them in enhancing their post-purchase customer experience with the perfect solution! Scroll down to know more!

Pain Points of Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry was looking for a solution that was efficient, easy to work with, and solve their below-listed pain points-Collating order dataTracking shipments as without it they had a lot of undelivered orders, spoilt brand image, and made them lose existing and potential customersKeeping customers updated about the order statusTackling innumerable WISMO (Where is my order) queries

The Perfect Solution- Shipway Tracking & Notification Service

Juicy Chemistry kept searching for a solution to their pain points and finally, came across Shipway Tracking & Notification solution. Here are the ways through which Shipway solves its issues in a jiffy-

👉 Shipway offers branded tracking pages through which they could smoothly track shipments.
👉 With Shipway’s solution, they could customize their tracking page, add Store’s header and footer, show the reason for the return pick-up failure, and send hassle-free & automated delivery notifications
👉 The brand got the option of sending branded notifications via WhatsApp, Email, & SMS and kept the customers updated

Result of using Shipway Tracking & Notification

👉 Increased productivity up to 35%
👉 Helped in monitoring approximately 10,000+ monthly shipments on a single window
👉 Reduce 80% of Customer Queries Traffic
👉 Reduced Non-delivery & RTOs(return to origin) cases
👉 Increased CLTV by up to 25%
👉 Helped them in Measuring Customer Satisfaction using NPS
👉 Provided them with Advance Analytical Reports to measure Carrier Performance

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