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How Heads Up For Tails has reduced 30% of its customer service traffic?

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About Company

It was Sara that sparked the beginning of Heads Up For Tails – a store dedicated to the four-legged members of all families. It started out in a small room at home and then, after countless exhibitions and pop-ups, they had their big retail start from a kiosk at the Select City Mall in Delhi! It was huge at that time, and was certainly an important milestone.

Their journey has been eventful, filled with lessons and more love than they hoped for. “We’re proud today to see that we’ve built a company that chooses kindness over commerce, values relationships, and trusts in the magic of wagging tails.“ ~ HUFT Team.


The biggest challenge for Heads Up For Tails was to reduce their customer service traffic for return queries and an easy control panel to process the same.

- Data visibility on return data.
- Track and monitor returns.
- Manual request creation.
- Excessive excel-based activity.
- Processing instant refund and exchange.

Shipway's Review by Heads Up For Tails


Heads Up For Tails is now controlling and tracking its returns process with our easy-to-use interface.

The key benefits they received from Shipway’s service:
- Return reporting data in a well-structured manner.
- Proactive tracking mechanism to monitor return logistics for cancelations/delays, etc.
- Processing & Approval steps at required stages of Return.
- Refund resolution type-wise i.e. Store credits/GIFT cards/Same payment mode.
- Provide timely updates to customers at every trigger point/step we define – SMS alerts
- Shipment tracking status panel to the customers


We provide a user-friendly and easy-to-use panel for return processing that allows our clients to start working without any delay or transition. We helped Heads Up For Tails in:
👉 Reduced customer service traffic by 30%.
👉 Eliminated excel based activity.
👉 70% reduction in turnaround time for the end-to-end return process.

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