Bacca Bucci X Shipway Case Study

How did Bacca Bucci find their solemate in Shipway Tracking & Notification?

“Bette Midler once said ‘I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.”

And, so does Bacca Bucci believes. Established in 2013, Bacca Bucci is a buzzworthy footwear and accessories pioneer. This brand sticks to the latest trends and offers customers a stylish yet comfortable catalogue of shoes with which they can rule the world and stand out. Over the years, Bacca Bucci has become a prominent footwear and accessories brand and has a large clientele worldwide.

What were the Pain Points?

To make the customer experience as comfortable as their shoes, it became essential for Bacca Bucci to track orders in real-time and save manual efforts. As shipment numbers rose, the amount of time their customer support teams were wasting in manually retrieving data to solve customer queries became a real pain. Unforeseen order status delays started affecting the customers’ satisfaction scores and resulted in:

- Plethora of WISMO ( Where Is My Order) Calls
- Bad Customer Experience
- Order Cancellations because of no delivery updates

How did Bacca Bucci target the Problems & made the Process Easier?

Customer satisfaction is the key focus of Bacca Bucci. Therefore, they realized that transparency of the order from its placing to its delivery is very important and should be conveyed to the customer. And soon, they started searching for the best possible resources that have their desired modules/segments.

Shipway had all the answers Bacca Bucci was looking for as its dashboard is comprehensive, easy to operate, and most importantly, accurate and up-to-date. Shipway’s smooth Tracking and Notification automation solution has helped the brand in enhancing the overall customer experience.

Benefits of Shipway’s Tracking & Notification Automation

- Reduce 90% of Customer Queries Traffic
- Increase Operational Efficiency by 25%
- Branded tracking pages
- Smooth to & fro Communication

How Shipway helped Bacca Bucci in Delivering an Unmatched Customer Experience

Our easy-to-use tracking and notifications solution have benefitted Bacca Bucci in many ways:
👉 Reduced WISMO (Where is my Order) calls by up to 70%
👉 Option to Measure Carrier Performance
👉 Reduced Non-delivery & RTOs cases
👉Increased CLTV by up to 20%
👉Hassle-free & Automated Delivery Notifications
👉 Easy Tracking of All Orders

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