Saadaa X Shipway Case Study

Know how did SAADAA successfully sail through challenges with Shipway

With a quirky slogan “#RAHOSAADAA #PEHNOSAADAA” and a crystal clear aim of promoting sustainable fashion, Akshay Shivpuri and Mahesh Tekwani started SAADAA in 2018. It is an apparel and home furnishing brand that is winning hearts. As the brand began its voyage and onboarded loads of customers, a few hiccups started affecting its sail as well as sales.

But, which business doesn’t face that? It’s the zeal for tackling the issues and successfully reaching the shore that sets them apart. How did they do so? Let’s straight away dive into their journey!

Pain Points

As a new business, सादा/SAADAA faced several challenges in dealing with customer problems and required a robust customer service strategy and effective communication to manage customer expectations. They needed a solution that can
1. Improve Order Delivery Rate
2. Enhance Customer Experience
3. Decrease RTO Rate with quick services
4. Deliver Orders on Time

The Solution- Shipway Logistics

Finally, Saadaa found its anchor in Shipway- the all-in-one shipping solution. After onboarding with Shipway, Saadaa was all set to tackle challenges. The brand was really impressed with Shipway’s
- Easy-to-use Interface
- Quick order fulfillment service
- Auto-detecT Fraud Orders feature
- White-label tracking & super quick notifications solution
- AI-powered NDR management solution
- Efficient Customer Support that resolved all queries

Results of Sailing with Shipway

Shipway led to a lot of drastic improvements in Saadaa’s order fulfillment process and post-purchase customer experience. Take a glimpse-
- Increased productivity by 55%
- Smoothened the Order Fulfillment Process
- Reduce 80% of Customer Queries Traffic
- Brought down Non-delivery & RTOs(return to origin) cases
- Lowered RTO rates up to 95%
- Increased CLTV by up to 55%
- Helped them in Measuring Customer Satisfaction using NPS

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